First Sentinel-1 Analysis Ready Data ingested

The first Sentinel-1 Analysis Ready Data have been successfully ingested in the test version of the Swiss Data Cube. By early 2019, the entire Sentinel-1 archive (starting from 2014) will be available on the production server, and continuously updated. This work is done under an active collaboration with Dr. David Small of the University of Zurich/Remote Sensing Laboratories. S1 ARD data ingested are Level 3 Backscatter terrain-flattened composites (VV & VH pol.).

Sentinel-1 is the first of the Copernicus Programme satellite constellation operated by the European Space Agency.This mission is composed of two satellites, Sentinel-1A and Sentinel-1B, that carry a C-band synthetic-aperture (SAR) radar instrument which provides a collection of data in all-weather, day or night.

More information on Sentinel-1 on ESA/ Copernicus and Sentinel Online websites.