What is the Swiss Data Cube?

Pressures on natural resources are increasing and a number of challenges need to be overcome to meet the needs of a growing population in a period of environmental variability. Some of these environmental issues can be monitored using remotely-sensed Earth Observations (EO) data that are increasingly available from a number of freely and openly accessible repositories. However, the full information potential of EO data has not been yet realized. They remain still underutilized mainly because of their complexity, increasing volume, and the lack of efficient processing capabilities.

EO Data Cubes (DC) are a new paradigm aiming to realise the full potential of EO data by lowering the barriers caused by these Big data challenges and providing access to large spatio-temporal data in an analysis ready form.

The main objectives of the Swiss Data Cube (SDC) is to support the Swiss government for environmental monitoring and reporting and enable Swiss scientific institutions (e.g., Universities) to facilitate new insights and research using the SDC and to improve the knowledge on the Swiss environment using EO data.

The Swiss Data Cube is a joint initiative of:

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Latest News

5 new data products available

Today the SDC team is pleased to release 5 new data products covering the entire Switzerland for a total data volume of 1.5TB. These data sets are directly available in the SwissEnvEO database. These products are time-series of: Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) Landsat [1984-2021]: https://geonetwork.swissdatacube.org/geonetwork/srv/eng/catalog.search#/metadata/da78fa9f-a756-4538-a28a-8be7d53d4676 Sentinel-2 [2016-2021]: https://geonetwork.swissdatacube.org/geonetwork/srv/eng/catalog.search#/metadata/c491ef64-91b8-42ec-b317-27ce61b4f2c1 Leaf Area Index (LAI) Landsat [1984-2021]: https://geonetwork.swissdatacube.org/geonetwork/srv/eng/catalog.search#/metadata/c5bc0095-4b9d-4a50-9c17-a2e5c08c4c9c […]

Major update of the SDC available!

After weeks of hard work, the Swiss Data Cube team is pleased to announce the realease of the version 1.5 of the SDC. The architecture design is much more modular using Docker and will facilitate future upgrades of the SDC. We would like to thanks our colleagues from the Brazil Data Cube for their appreciated […]

Landsat 9 data are now available!

Landsat 9 — the new satellite operated by NASA & USGS — that continues the longest Earth Observations data archive, is not available in the Swiss Data Cube. The satellite was launched on Sept. 27,  2021 and data available since  Feb. 10 2022. More info on Landsat 9 are available on the USGS dedicated page: […]


The Swiss Data Cube is joining the ESA_Lab@Léman initiative led by the Cluster Eau Lémanique in France. We will support colleagues from this cluster and provide information generated with satellite EO data from the SDC. More information on the ESA_Lab initiative: https://www.esa.int/Enabling_Support/Preparing_for_the_Future/Space_for_Earth/The_ESA_Lab_Initiative

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