We have received the good news that the project "SnowCover.CH: Monitoring Snow Cover changes over Switzerland using Earth Observations time-series"
The SDC team is pleased to announce that since June 10 the Sentinel-2 Analysis Ready Data archive is automatically updated
Last week during the OpenGeneva Festival, we had a three-days hackathon trying to work with the content of the Swiss
The Swiss Data Cube project leader has been interview by CEOS on the benefits of Earth Observations and data cube
We are pleased to invite you to join us for a hackathon organised by the Swiss Data Cube team on
Our team has successfully pre-processed and ingested the entire Sentinel-2 A/B archive for Switzerland. This corresponds to approximately 2400 images
Today, we have executed the Snow Observations from Space (SOfS) algorithm that our team is currently developing on the newly
Today we are releasing the first product generated by the Swiss Data Cube. It is an A1 format poster of
We are happy to announce that our scientific paper entitled "Building an Earth Observations Data Cube: lessons learned from the
The Basel Region (North-western Switzerland) is an economically active region of Switzerland and urbanisation is changing rapidly the landscape of

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