XX Brazilian Remote Sensing Symposium

Event Start Date:April 2, 2023Event End Date:April 5, 2023Event Venue:Florianopolis, BrazilThe Swiss Data Cube team will be present at the XXth Brazilian Remote Sensing Symposium (https://2023.sbsr.com.br/) where we are contributing to the session on “Earth Observation Data Cubes for Satellite Image Time Series Analysis“.

8th Swiss Conference on Data Science

Event Start Date:June 8, 2021Event End Date:June 8, 2021Event Venue:Luzern, SwitzerlandThe Swiss Data Cube has been presented at the Swiss Conference on Data Science during a side-event dedicated to geodata. More information: https://www.sds2021.ch

Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing (PASC) Conference 2021

Event Start Date:July 5, 2021Event End Date:July 9, 2021Event Venue:Geneva, SwitzerlandThe Swiss Data Cube team is moderating a session on EO Data Cubes with contributions from Mexico, Armenia, Austria and Switzerland. More information: https://pasc21.pasc-conference.org/program/schedule/session/?sess=sess123

Cassini Hackathon | Switzerland

Event Start Date:June 18, 2021Event End Date:June 20, 2021Event Venue:Lausanne, SwitzerlandThe Swiss Data Cube is supporting the Cassini Hackathon organised by Space4Impact to find out how Earth observation and navigation data can support cities and rural areas in Switzerland to become smarter, greener, and more sustainable. Develop effective solutions to tackle our local themes, like car-less cities, …

GEO Data and Knowledge Week

Event Start Date:February 17, 2020Event End Date:February 21, 2020Event Venue:Beijing, ChinaThe Swiss Data Cube will be presented at the GEO Data and Knowledge Week in Beijing (China): https://www.earthobservations.org/geodataweek20.php

World Economic Forum 2020

Event Start Date:January 23, 2020Event End Date:January 23, 2020Event Venue:Davos, SwitzerlandUniversities of Geneva and Zurich are organising a event to present the Swiss Data Cube at the World Economic Forum (21-24 January 2020). More information available soon…

ESA Phi Week 2019

Event Start Date:September 9, 2019Event End Date:September 13, 2019Event Venue:European Space Agency, Frascati (Italy)The Swiss Data Cube will be presented during the keynote speech of the infrastructure session. More information at: https://phiweek.esa.int

World Conference of Science Journalists

Event Start Date:July 1, 2019Event End Date:July 5, 2019Event Venue:Lausanne, SwitzerlandSwiss Data Cube – Big Earth Observation Data for Sustainable Development The Swiss Data Cube (SDC – http://www.swissdatacube.ch) is a unique capability to process, interrogate, and present 35 years of remotely-sensed Earth observation data acquired by satellite in response to environmental issues of Switzerland. It …

GEO-GNOME Workshop ‘Essential Climate Variables for Observations in Mountains’

Event Start Date:June 24, 2019Event End Date:June 26, 2019Event Venue:Bern, SwitzerlandThe Swiss Data Cube will contribute to the discussion on how to use the Data Cube technology and Essential Variables. More information: http://www.mountainresearchinitiative.org/index.php/events/details/2019-06-24/52-geo-gnome-essential-mountain-variables-workshops-1

11th International Symposium on Digital Earth

Event Start Date:September 24, 2019Event End Date:September 27, 2019Event Venue:Florence, ItalySwiss Data Cube contributions will be presented in two sessions. More information: http://www.digitalearth2019.eu