The Swiss Data Cube is jointly developed & managed by a team from the UN Environment/Science Division/GRID-Geneva together with the University of Geneva/enviroSPACE

Pascal Peduzzi

SDC Institutional Coordinator

Karin Allenbach

Data analysis

Jean-Philippe Richard

IT Infrastructure

Hy Dao

Scientific Advisor

Gregory Giuliani

SDC Project leader
Lecturer in Earth Observations & Spatial Data Infrastructure. Actively involved in GEO/GEOSS. Homepage

Denisa Rodila

High-Performance Computing specialist

Charlotte Poussin

PhD student
Assessing and monitoring the impacts of climate change in Switzerland using time series analyses in the Swiss Data Cube.

Bruno Chatenoux

Data pre-processing

Andrea De Bono

Data ingestion & visualisation

Students from the University of Geneva are already using the first version of the Swiss Data Cube in their research.

  • Loris Courvoisier (UNIGE), Certificate of Geomatics, 2018
  • Coralie Pittard (UNIGE), Master in Environmental Sciences, 2018
  • Charlotte Poussin (UNIGE), BNF, 2018
  • Roberto Castello (CERN), CAS – Geomatics for a Sustainable Environment, 2017
  • Lorenzo Frau (UNIGE), Certificate of Geomatics, 2017
  • Erica Honeck (UNIGE), Certificate of Geomatics, 2017
  • Laetitia Brossin (UNIGE), Certificate of Geomatics, 2017